Tower Park Renovation Begins

Tower Park Renovation Begins
By: Valpo Parks Last Updated: August 17, 2016

With the unofficial end of summer and the start of the school year, Valpo Parks has begun the much anticipated renovation of Tower Park this week. It will include the construction of two signature basketball courts previously announced this summer. One court will be Purdue themed, supported by a leadership gift from Brian Cardinal and the Purdue Community Hoops program. A second court will be Valparaiso High School themed supported by leadership gifts from former VHS standouts and their families, Bryce, Scott and Dana Drew, Robbie Hummel, Rob Cavanaugh, and the Friends of Tim Bishop. A third court will be lined for Pickleball and for half court basketball.

The scope of construction includes fence removal and partial new fence replacement, tree trimming and new landscaping. A new sidewalk to additional parking is also planned along with the new court surfaces and graphics, new court hardware and bleachers, and replacement of court lighting. Construction starts this week and will be substantially completed this fall.

The construction of the previously announced renovation of Tower Park baseball field supported by a leadership gift from Jeff Samardzija and the Samardzija family will begin in September and be completed in the summer of 2017.

The Tower Park renovation projects are part of the private/public partnership, "Leaders Giving Back", a campaign led by the Valpo Parks Foundation and chaired by Dr. Jerry Rodenbarger and Dr. Rob Behrend. Individuals, businesses and families are also invited to participate in the campaign and be recognized as a leader giving back to the Tower Park project.

For more campaign information, contact the Valpo Parks Foundation through John Seibert or Donna Hannah at 219-462-5144 or