Walmart Delivers to Cafe Manna

By: Karin Woodside Last Updated: August 3, 2011

Walmart-Delivers-Cafe-Manna-2011-1For the third consecutive year, Walmart, through the Jano Concerts on the Square, conducted a food drive for Café Manna. “This year was a little different, we offered institutional sized cans which better serves the café when they do the feedings,” stated store manager Jason Haines. Walmart shoppers were able to purchase the oversized canned goods and place them in the donation bins during the weeks prior to the final Jano Concert on July 23rd.

The community is great,” Jason said, “They always step up and give.” This year, the donation totaled nearly 2,000 lbs. Considering Café Manna uses 8 of the oversized cans of green beans alone in only a week, the need for donations is great. “We chose Café Manna because we’ve volunteered here in the past and anytime you leave there, it changes you,” stated Jano Concert Creator Jim “Jano” Janesheski, “It reminds you that people who need help are no different than anyone else. These are some of the nicest people that need a little bit of help.

Walmart-Delivers-Cafe-Manna-2011-2Walmart has always been very generous and helpful without asking for much,” Jim went on to say, “Anytime Walmart is a part of fundraising, it’s more efficient. It’s been a real privilege to have them help us with everything.”

Tim Daly, Jano Concerts committee representative, also expressed thanks for the help of Walmart and the community. “Walmart, its shoppers, and the Valparaiso community have been very generous and this food is going to help lots of needy families.”

Café Manna continues to serve hundreds of people and this donation will go far to help in those efforts. “It overwhelms me to see the support that we receive from the greater community,” said Kathy Condon, coordinator of Café Manna. “To see the community behind us and support us in this way is tremendous. It’s a labor of love to feed the people and God keeps providing so we can keep doing what we do. It truly is humbling.”