Wish You Were Here? Wish We Were There

Wish You Were Here? Wish We Were There

Many residents outside of the Region don't always know about the gems we have here spread throughout Northwest Indiana, but we sure do. We love everything that our home has to offer, but that doesn't mean we don't appreciate getting out and exploring what's beyond the area. We all have that one dream vacation that we either have on our bucket lists or we really hope to make happen one day.

We asked our fellow Lifers about their dream vacation to add to our own vacation brainstorming and they sound amazing!

Justin Luna
Since I’ve already travelled to basically every tourist part of Mexico, my dream vacation is a two-in-one: Paris and London. I have always wanted to go catch a Chelsea game, Chelsea being one of the top five Premier league teams in England’s top tier consistently.

However, I always wondered what time of year, during their game season is the warmest, so that I can enjoy my stay with pleasant weather – if anyone has any idea, please let me know. Anyway, hopefully I can catch a game and they win, so I can get rowdy with the fans afterwards and be a part of what die hard Chelsea fans are all about!

I’ve been saving up since starting my job and I plan to take this trip next year. In Paris, I would love go to a lot of tourist attractions. I’m really open to anything as long as I make it out to the UK and Paris one day.

Stephanie Swearington
I would love to do a Mediterranean Cruise where there are stops at all the major cities along the coast, with day trips and the boat leaves to the next port while you are sleeping at night. A co-worker of mine at a previous job was telling me about when she did that, and how great it was to take in all those cities during the day. She felt like she really got a good taste of the Mediterranean on that trip and I would love to do something like that. I would also love to go to Ireland – I love the history and would love to see all the castles.

Gina Cullen
If I could vacation anywhere in the world, I would visit Tibet – ideally in time for Losar, which is a Tibetan Buddhism New Year festival. I have also always wanted to see the Potala Palace, which used to be the residence of the Dalai Lama before the Tibetan uprising.

Jenny Craig
I would have to say, right now, the Canary Islands. – mainly because it is at the top of mind mind and a vacation I am currently planning! This is a cluster of five islands that are a part of Spain. I am so excited! A few things we plan on doing is hiking the volcano, seeing the local botanical garden, and of course, eating and drinking all of the local cuisine.

Jonathon Eddy
I would love to visit Norway and Scotland on a single trip. This is where my family is from. I want to see everything from Castle Dunbar, where my ancestors lived and defended against Viking sieges and invasions, to seeing the fjords of Norway and taking a tour of the blue-ice caves in Jostedalsbreen National Park, which is basically a huge glacier.

Candace Arvin
If I could pick one place in the world to visit right now, it would be Fiji! Beautiful, tropical beaches, warm weather, and an abundance of sunshine is on my radar, especially in the middle of our wonderful Midwest winter and lake effect snow season. From rugged landscapes to coral reefs with clear lagoons, it’s the perfect destination. There’s an over-water bungalow with my name on it just as soon as I get married - we’re headed there for our honeymoon!

Angela Abina
I have to agree with Jon – definitely Norway. I’m a sucker for mountains and the landscape out there looks like an absolute dream. I would be on Cloud 9 if I could experience the Northern Lights out there, especially if I could watch them from a cozy, glass igloo until I fall asleep at the Kakslauttanen Artic Resort. I would want to hike anywhere I’m able to and would hike as much as I could in the time I had, but some night strolls around their snow-covered towns would be nice too. Any photos I’ve ever seen look so peaceful.

Well, we hope that gives you a few ideas for when you plan your next vacation. Whether by yourself, with your family or friends, everyone needs time to get away and see and experience this wonderful world!