You’ve Got a Voice and We Want to Hear It

pad-pencilThere is a section on all four of our Life sites that we hold near and dear to our hearts. It's the Voices section, and this is the place where those from the community can share their good thoughts, news, ideas, memories, etc. with the world. We highly encourage readers to do this and many have taken advantage of this valuable resource.

One of the main questions that arises is, "What do I write about for this section?"

Anything! The Voices section is a place where you can share a positive viewpoint, a great memory, a twist on a new idea, an encouraging message, a witnessing of a random act of kindness or a shout out about positive initiatives and programs. If we can be a platform to raise education, awareness, and positive, relevant discussion of challenges that we all face; then we want your voice.

Every day we see organizations working together outside of traditional business relationships. We see people working within groups and organizations trying to get something done or advocate for a cause, too.  And as long as they are working and advocating for something positive, we want to help share that voice. And what we don't see can be revealed by your voice. If you've got something positive to share, we want everyone to read it.

This raises the question, "So who is allowed to submit content for the Voices section?"

Anyone is welcome to start sharing their voice. Below is a compilation of images of people who have shared their good news with us through our Voices section. There were more, but there wasn't enough room to fit everyone into the collage. They all took the time to share a piece of their lives with us. And we shared it with everyone else. So if you've got something good that you want everyone to know about, share it with us at {valpo}{/valpo}{portage}{/portage}{laporte} {/laporte}{nwindiana}{/nwindiana}.